Bulk Amino Whey Protein Review

Bulk Amino Whey Protein Review

Bulk Amino Whey Protein by Advance Nutratech, a good quality Whey Protein Concentrate which is fairly affordable. Currently, we don’t have many good Indian brands with decent quality whey protein products. You will see a lot of aggressive names, shiny design jars claiming the best whey protein. But barely any […]

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Review Unflavored

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein, if you want whey protein in its pure form without any added sugar or artificial chemical flavors. And top of that it is way cheaper than those flavored versions. Today, Indian bodybuilding market is filled with well known international brand supplements such as ON (Optimum Nutrition), […]

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review 2017

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill, as the name suggests, it’s for runners. And if you are thinking of buying it then it’s a fantastic decision. Why? Because, 3G Cardio Elite Runner is a top-rated, high-quality treadmill with outstanding performance and long durability. This is best in class treadmill which gives […]

benefits of walking after eating dinner

13 Benefits of Walking After Eating Dinner

Walking after eating dinner or any meal for that matter is the best way to solve 80% of your common health problems. No medicines, no equipment, no expenses, nothing at all, just a quick 20 – 30 minutes walk after a meal and you are good to go. In my […]

Walk Jog Run step by step guide cover image

Walk Jog Run – step by step guide for beginners

Walk jog run or in other words, transitioning from the couch to walking to jogging and finally running easily for long periods. These steps show the changes in fitness level towards your fitness goals. If you can run 5 minutes non-stop, you know what this mean, right? You can imagine […]

Best Affordable Treadmill under $400 - Weslo Cadence G 5.9

Best treadmill under $400 to start your fitness journey

If you are serious about fitness, want to lose weight and always missed having a decent treadmill at home but didn’t buy due to high costs….. Well, now is the time to make that move. If you need a compact, motorized, folding treadmill, good for walking and jogging, Weslo Cadence […]

manage diabetes in extreme heat

How to manage diabetes in this extreme heat easily

If you are a diabetic, you know how troublesome managing diabetes in normal circumstances can be itself for many of us. But managing diabetes in extreme heat like in this summer, it can be overwhelming pretty fast. You have to be extra careful especially if you have to use insulin […]

calories per day

How many calories per day I need to control diabetes

When we talk about how to control diabetes, your weight plays an important role to achieve it. Losing only 10 to 15% of your weight can significantly help you manage your diabetes effectively. And when you want to lose weight, understanding your “calories per day” requirement and following a diet […]

Bad food combinations

Bad food combinations: what a terrible mistake!

Have you ever wondered about which foods combine and digest well? And which are bad food combinations for our digestion system? Why sometimes after eating, you feel fatigue, upset stomach, nausea etc? It may sound a bit strange to you and most likely you haven’t given it a thought before. […]

Healthy Eating Plate Method

Healthy Eating Plate Method for Diabetes

Healthy eating plate method is one of the best and simple practical way of meal planning, especially when you are suffering from diabetes. Healthy eating plate method helps you understand and simplify the process of choosing the right food in the right amount. Obtaining all 7 essential food nutrients is […]

glycemic index chart

Glycemic Index Chart: How to use GI index effectively?

Glycemic index chart or GI value is a method to identify food which raises your blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Glycemic index is a very useful tool to plan your meals when fighting diabetes. It is specifically based on calculation of carbohydrates amount and rise in blood glucose level. […]

macronutrients carbohydrates proteins fats

Macronutrients Explained: Good vs Bad Type of Nutrients

Macronutrients are the main components of our food. These most essential macronutrients help our body in proper functioning, growth and development. We mostly eat these macronutrients rich food throughout our day which provides us required energy and other essential nutrients as well. But how do you know which type of […]

diabetes diet plan

Diabetes diet plan: How to make a better one

So, you want to control your diabetes and really looking forward to follow a perfect diabetes diet plan, right? That’s really great! But, have you ever wondered “What is a diabetes diet plan all about? How do you make your diabetes diet plan effective?” This is a question every newly […]

food nutrients: essential nutrition

Food Nutrients: 7 essential nutrients to make healthy meals

Educating yourself about food nutrients is the first step towards healthy lifestyle. It helps you understand about what nutrients our body needs, what are the benefits and how can we get them? However, sometimes all this information, knowledge come from all sorts of sources and mediums, mix opinions, unknown studies […]

how to make a diabetes care plan that really works

How to make a better practical diabetes care plan

As we know diabetes is a progressive disease, to manage diabetes efficiently you must make a practical diabetes care plan to keep it from getting out of hands. If you or your loved one is suffering from diabetes, a diabetes management plan can help you make your life comparatively easy […]

are you prepared for blood test

How to prepare for a blood glucose test

Are you prepared for your Blood Glucose Test? Yes, I know blood glucose test isn’t a war for which you need to prepare, rather blood glucose tests are very simple and easy process to diagnose your diabetic condition. But to get accurate conclusive results there are some points that can […]

Symptoms of diabetes and related complications

What are the symptoms and complications of Diabetes

What are the symptoms and complications of diabetes? This is a frequently asked question. Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is actually a metabolism disorder in which a person suffers from high blood sugar due to two main reasons: 1)  Unbalanced or no Insulin productivity 2)  Body cells are not responding to […]