Diabetes diet plan: How to make a better one

So, you want to control your diabetes and really looking forward to follow a perfect diabetes diet plan, right? That’s really great! But, have you ever wondered “What is a diabetes diet plan all about? How do you make your diabetes diet plan effective?”diabetes diet plan

This is a question every newly diagnosed person or his family have. And to get it right they try to follow all sorts of confusing knowledge which doesn’t help a bit. And yeah, that really sucks!

So, how about first we understand, “What is a Diabetes diet plan?”

Diabetes diet plan is a perfect daily routine of eating healthy meals based on your diabetic condition and body requirements. It is also known as Medical Nutrition Therapy or MNT. This focuses on your total calories intake, proper nutrition, maintaining blood sugar levels by choosing right food at the right time. It includes balancing meals along with your insulin requirement and prescribed medications as well.

balanced diet for diabetes

It helps you follow a well balanced healthy nutritious diet without getting stressed about what to eat or what not to eat. Because I know, after getting diagnosed by diabetes, everyone around your circle starts giving their unwanted advice like, “Hey, you can’t eat it and neither this, this, this, this nor that, that, that & that.” And then you feel like, “Seriously, what the hell am i supposed to eat then?”

And the answer is “follow the diabetes diet plan” which is made for you. So you can eat food you like but just in limit and according to your diabetic condition. This helps you become healthy and stay active throughout the day without any food related diabetes complications. Following a healthy diet can help you lose weight as well where being overweight is a concern.

“Do you know, losing only 10 to 15% of your weight can significantly reduce risks of diabetes and heart problems.”

Okay, now you understand why you need a diabetes diet plan but the real question is:

How to make a better diabetes diet plan?

certified registered dietitian

The best approach to make a diabetes diet plan is to consult with a experienced certified dietitian to create a well balanced custom made diet plan for you based on your like-dislike, diabetic condition, seasonal availability of the food ingredients and of course under your budget. Your dietitian can help you create a plan which gives you flexibility to choose from a wide variety of meals under the same categories, so you can interchange those ingredients to keep the meals healthy and interesting at the same time without getting bored with same meal over and over again.

“Do you know, if your whole family follows the diabetes diet plan as well, they can reduce chances of pre-diabetes significantly for themselves.”

I know, now you are thinking, “What if someone doesn’t know a good dietitian or cannot afford it?” Well, you are right, not everyone has a dietitian on their speed dial.

In that case, I will help you understand how you can make your own working diabetes diet plan. So, you can do some tweaking to it as per your doctors instructions. With regular blood glucose tests to monitor your blood sugar levels as you follow your new diabetes diet plan to notice what works and what doesn’t.

Now, let’s dig deep into which nutrients sources are healthy for us and those are seriously harmful?

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