Walk Jog Run – step by step guide for beginners

Walk jog run or in other words, transitioning from the couch to walking to jogging and finally running easily for long periods. These steps show the changes in fitness level towards your fitness goals.

If you can run 5 minutes non-stop, you know what this mean, right? You can imagine what kind of stamina you will have!

90% people who want to stay fit, ditch their efforts in the first week. Two of those reasons are:

a) They don’t develop body-mind connection

b) They start doing exercises for which body isn’t ready.

Walk jog run step by step aproach helps you create and understand the body-mind connection you need. And once you start listening to your body, you will know what you need to do next and have the perfect fitness mindset.

walk jog run



How does walk jog run help you achieve the fitness start you need?

The simplest answer would be, it makes you move your butt and that’s what matters the most. But other than that there are a lot of benefits of walking, jogging and running.

Elevated heart rate and breathing are the two main things you notice in it which creates a chain reaction. As it uses all the muscle groups from head to toe.

This creates a great full body workout and you start to feel every part of your body working to keep up with it. This helps you develop the required body-mind connection. You soon start to realize strength and weakness of your body, such as if you are out of breath too fast, feeling discomfort or pain in some areas.

This analysis is the key to overcoming the first-week failure and working towards your fitness goals the right way.

I remember when I tried to start doing workout so many times and in so many different ways over the years but never passed the first week and eventually ditched it every time. Sometimes I got sick, felt too sore & discomfort, and sometimes didn’t find the workout exciting enough to feel anything happening.

But finally, I found the right way to tackle the first-week failure. Yeah….the “walk jog run” approach!

What I find so great about it, is that it instantly helps you focus on breathing, your lungs power. In any workout, breathing the right way is essential to complete the workout without failure. If your breathing is wrong or don’t have strong lungs, forget your fitness goals. That’s the biggest hurdle in your way.

And that’s why walk jog run approach is the perfect base to test your strength and weakness.

How to start with the walk jog run 3-step approach – the right way?

In walking jogging running, the main variable factor is your pace.

Walkingat2 to 4 Mphor3 to 7 Km/h
Joggingat4 to 6 Mphor7 to 10 Km/h
Runningabove 6 Mphor10 Km/h


Start with Walk:

If you are living a sedentary lifestyle or in simple words starting straight from the couch, regular long walks are the first step for you. So, just put on your walking shoes and let the walk activate your whole body.

Note: If you have any medical condition or physical injury, please consult with your doctor first about it.

Good fast pace walks also known as the brisk walk put mild pressure in the beginning especially on joints in the feet like ankles and knees. This mild pressure is very beneficial to detect a problem and prevent any possible injury. Other than legs, long walks also work on your blood pressure during the walk.

Let walking turn you into a free bird. After 3 to 5 sessions a week, if there isn’t any discomfort, you can easily move on to Jogging.


Important things to remember in your walk jog run approach:

  • Always remember to drink plenty of water at least 20 minutes before going on the walk. It will help you hydrate and at the same time, the 20 minutes gap will ensure you don’t have too much water jumping in the belly when starting the session.

• Keeping yourself hydrated all time is very important. But just don’t overfill your belly at once rather take 2-3 sips of water whenever you need during the walk jog run session. I have a Hydration Running Belt specifically for this purpose. No more tied hands or distraction.

• During outdoor running safety is essential. If you like to walk very early in the morning or at night when its very peaceful, having appropriate safety gears becomes very important. Get a Glowing Running Armband or Headlamp Flashlight for Running to ensure proper visibility and safety during your run.

• On top of that, you can get the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, I just love it! This takes your safety to next level as well as provide tons of great features such as live tracking, multiple workouts/sports tracking, heart rate monitoring etc.

• If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle for long with no physical activity whatsoever, in the beginning, you might feel pressure on your knees. Being even slight overweight increases the chance of knee pain.

To overcome this you can get Knee Compression Sleeve Support specially made for jogging, running, sports activities and join pain relief.

• Same as knee pain, sometimes joggers and runners encounter shin splints, calf pain or swellings in the feet. These things really mess with your progress and fitness goals. I know this first hand. And once you deviate from your workout plans, that’s it. Getting back to the workout program is almost impossible and it takes every bit of you to come back.

So, why take this road, if you feel any sign of discomfort in feet, put on your Calf Compression Sleeve to prevent any further discomfort.

• After workout sessions, it’s normal to feel inflammation, soreness if you have not been active lately. Try this one of the best Pain Relief Medication available on the market. This is a patented formula, works for a lot of type of pains including arthritis, sciatica etc.

• Keeping your feet dry is very important. If your current socks don’t keep moisture away, it’s time you need a good pair of running socks.

• While jogging and running, we sweat a lot or more like take a sweat shower. Having a Cooling Towel with you helps a lot especially if you run after the sun is up.

• If you find yourself in the situation where you can’t walk jog run outside, as I know there can be a lot of safety issues, privacy reasons or the weather. But don’t be disappointed or let it stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

There are a lot of treadmill options available at the affordable price which will solve this problem for the lifetime. Check out the in-depth review of the Best treadmill under $400.


Well… a lot of things with many product suggestions, I know!

As a person who experienced this struggle at many points and ultimately overcame it, I can say these things really matter. Most people ignore these facts until it punches them in the face….. bye-bye fitness goals!

So, I hope these suggestions help you get through the struggle many people like me have faced before. And you know a well-prepared person have far better chances than unprepared.


From Walking to Jogging:

A very simple and great exercise or workout to start pushing your body towards your fitness goals. Now, jogging doesn’t mean you will only jog in this phase. It’s back and forth between walking and jogging in a timely interval or as you feel in control.

The idea here is to get you moving, rather than creating a race. So, no pressure, if you can only jog for 30 seconds in the beginning. Just keep pushing yourself every few minutes to do more, doesn’t matter if it’s only 5-10 seconds more.

Effects of Jogging:

Once you transition from walking to jogging, you start to feel a good amount of pressure on your lungs, legs and shoulders joints. Each stride makes a significant impact on your joints, especially the toe-fingers and ankles.

Well designed good quality jogging shoes are must to minimize the bad impact on feet and protect you from any possible injury and nerve damage. What makes jogging to cause more impact is when you jog, your stride still remains short almost same as walking but the pace is increased.

So to overcome the speed we have to make a jumpy movement which creates the strong impact when the foot lands again. And if you are overweight, the impact can turn into discomfort pretty fast.

I remember when I started jogging after 2-3 times I encountered nerve damage around ankles as in partial numbness which lasted around 2 weeks and had to stop jogging in between.

That’s when I understood I needed better well designed shoes for jogging to avoid pain and nerve damage.

After that, I didn’t experience that numbness or any other discomfort there again.

Another impact you feel is on shoulders. What happens is when we jog, the jumpy movement makes our torso and shoulders move too. This makes a vertical movement of shoulders. Normally it doesn’t cause any discomfort but if your posture and hand movements are not right, the shoulder joints start to get tensed and can create a serious discomfort.

On some level, it is also related to your feet movement too. Bad movement due to bad terrain or bad shoes can make your posture wrong. So, right posture is very important to any workout and especially in walk jog run approach.


The right posture for Jogging:

  • Keep your eyes and feet straight towards the direction you are jogging.
  • Head slightly up, back straight and shoulders in symmetry.
  • Don’t slouch your shoulders.
  • Don’t lean forward or back to overcome speed. Slow down a bit rather than bad posture.
  • Keep your hands relaxed as much as you can.
  • Don’t clench your fists rather cup your hands lightly like you are holding an egg in there.
  • Don’t create unwanted stiffness or tension in your shoulder and hands. Otherwise, it will result in shoulder pain.
  • Keep your hands at waist level.
  • Move and rotate your hands differently in between to relax any tension.
  • Don’t bounce or jump high when jogging. Doing so will create a stronger impact on your joints.
  • Keep checking your posture throughout the jogging session.
  • Make habit of having the right posture. It will help you throughout the day.

The right way of breathing:

With right posture, you also need to focus on your breathing during jogging. Shallow breathing will make you out of breath pretty fast. With intense activities, we need more oxygen than normal. To keep up with oxygen requirement in blood, we try to breathe fast automatically.

But what happens is, fast breaths become shallow breathing rather than deep long breaths and we become out of breath in a minute.

To overcome this, we need to focus on breathing from the start. Take deep and long breaths right from the start. So, you have plenty oxygen in the system and don’t have to opt for fast shallow breaths.

However, if you haven’t focused on your breathing ever and found yourself out of breath on several occasions, try focusing on your breath in your daily chores whenever you can. As it is quite easy to opt for deep breaths but it takes some time to make it a natural habit.

One more thing here is very important, to breath into the belly. Now, it might sound odd to you. Actually, it means inhaling the air into your belly or lower part of lungs rather than expanding your upper part of the lungs during inhalation. It creates unwanted stress on your chest and diaphragms.

That’s exactly what happens if you breathe fast. We breathe in – out so fast that we don’t even absorb the oxygen at best. So, where one breath would have sufficed we have to take 3-4 breaths and soon tire out in the process.


How to master breathing:

If you can master your breathing you have won half the battle for sure. Do you remember i mentioned earlier about the 90% people fail in their first week? Well, bad breathing technique is one of the factors they never perform at their best and get demotivated.

The best way to master breathing is to practice yoga, specifically Pranayam Yoga. There are main five techniques of breathing which gives you ultimate breathing workout.

That’s it these two techniques will allow you to perform better during walk jog run approach and make your path easy to transition from jogging to running phase.


From Jogging to Running:

This is the phase where you try to feel like a free bird inside. So, light and active that you want to free the bird inside you to just fly. Yup, I know the feeling!

Once you master having the right posture during jogging and have controlled the breathing, the transition becomes much easy. You won’t have to face any serious hurdles in this phase at all because you already conquered them.

Think running phase as you do in exams. Everything you learned and experienced while walking and jogging will be put to test. This includes your posture, movements, breathing, shoes and your passion for fitness, I mean everything.

Again, remember this phase isn’t about only running. You have to keep changing pace back and forth as in walk-jog-run-jog-walk. Mix all three forms as per your comfort but still, make it a little challenging by pushing more.

But remember not to overstride in the excitement of running faster. Overstriding means moving your feet over far away than your center of mass which will make you land on the edge of the heel. And you will loose your balance right away.

This can be seriously dangerous and can cause injury. 60% runners get injured every year and overstriding is one of the reasons.

Normally, in the beginning, you can only run for around 60 seconds before you have to slow down. But with intervals in between and regular running you can increase the sprint by additional 60 seconds with each run easily.

And I would like to remind you again about getting good running shoes if you haven’t already. It will save you from a lot of trouble, especially in the running phase.

Other than that just keep improving your breathing, right posture, and movements, soon you will be running like a pro. And you will surely have an upper hand on your fitness goals.

Have any questions or doubts? or want to share about your experience. Feel free to discuss with me. Would love to hear… And yes, don’t forget to share, if you find it helpful.

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