calories per day

How many calories per day I need to control diabetes

When we talk about how to control diabetes, your weight plays an important role to achieve it. Losing only 10 to 15% of your weight can significantly help you manage your diabetes effectively. And when you want to lose weight, understanding your “calories per day” requirement and following a diet […]

Bad food combinations

Bad food combinations: what a terrible mistake!

Have you ever wondered about which foods combine and digest well? And which are bad food combinations for our digestion system? Why sometimes after eating, you feel fatigue, upset stomach, nausea etc? It may sound a bit strange to you and most likely you haven’t given it a thought before. […]

Healthy Eating Plate Method

Healthy Eating Plate Method for Diabetes

Healthy eating plate method is one of the best and simple practical way of meal planning, especially when you are suffering from diabetes. Healthy eating plate method helps you understand and simplify the process of choosing the right food in the right amount. Obtaining all 7 essential food nutrients is […]

glycemic index chart

Glycemic Index Chart: How to use GI index effectively?

Glycemic index chart or GI value is a method to identify food which raises your blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Glycemic index is a very useful tool to plan your meals when fighting diabetes. It is specifically based on calculation of carbohydrates amount and rise in blood glucose level. […]

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Macronutrients Explained: Good vs Bad Type of Nutrients

Macronutrients are the main components of our food. These most essential macronutrients help our body in proper functioning, growth and development. We mostly eat these macronutrients rich food throughout our day which provides us required energy and other essential nutrients as well. But how do you know which type of […]

food nutrients: essential nutrition

Food Nutrients: 7 essential nutrients to make healthy meals

Educating yourself about food nutrients is the first step towards healthy lifestyle. It helps you understand about what nutrients our body needs, what are the benefits and how can we get them? However, sometimes all this information, knowledge come from all sorts of sources and mediums, mix opinions, unknown studies […]