Best treadmill under $400 to start your fitness journey

If you are serious about fitness, want to lose weight and always missed having a decent treadmill at home but didn’t buy due to high costs….. Well, now is the time to make that move. If you need a compact, motorized, folding treadmill, good for walking and jogging, Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is the best treadmill under $400 you can get.

It comes in mid-level performance category at a low price range where you need a regular stay fit workout without spending a hefty amount. And that’s why it is the best selling treadmill under $400 right now.

So, if you are planning to buy your first treadmill then, in my opinion, Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is a great choice for reasonable performance at a steal price.

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best treadmill under $400


When comparing to other High-end Treadmills, surely it does not have any extra fancy features you may have seen on high-end treadmills but it does the job it is supposed to do without making a big hole in your pocket and that’s what really matters.

Let’s take a look at the main features you get with the best treadmill under $400 for sure:

• Blue-Tinted LCD with Priority Display – Easy to read display which tracks your workout time, speed, distance and the calories burned. Having this info. motivates you to push yourself more with each session.

• 6 Personal Trainer Workouts – These Personal Trainer Workouts removes the guesswork out of the equation especially for beginners. And keeps the workout interesting by changing the speed at different intervals as set in the workout plan.

• Easy Pulse™ Heart Rate Monitor – Worry no more about elevated pulse heart rate, Easy Pulse™ Heart Rate Monitor gives you an instant reading of pulse just by placing your thumb on the Easy Pulse™ sensor which is built in console.

• 2-position manual incline – Want to take your walking session to next level as in real world, change the incline to push yourself a bit more and burn more calories with 2 positions easy manual incline options.

• Comfort Cell™ Cushioning – By added Cushion, it significantly helps in reducing stress on our joints especially around knees and ankle when we strike the foot on the platform. This cushioning absorbs the stride impact effectively to reduce discomfort during or after the workout.

• Warranty – Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill comes with 1-year motor warranty and 90 days for Parts and Labor.



Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Specifications: 
Motor :2.25 HP Impulse™ Motor
Treadbelt :16″ x 50″ Treadbelt
Speed :0–10 MPH QuickSpeed™ Control
User Weight Capacity :250 lbs.
Footprint :64.5″- L X 29″- W X 55.5″- H

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Console

Features Overview:

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill’s motor is reasonably quiet. Nothing like which will disturb next room person.

The platform deck frame is sturdy enough so you don’t have to worry about stability during the workout. Handles are good as well to hold on until you get familiar with treadmill movements and acquire the balance & stability for freehand walking.

It’s compact design allows you to store and use it in narrow space without blocking too much space. And top of that, if required, It is easily foldable which clears more space after your workout is done. Lowering the deck and folding is very easy and user-friendly as well.

folding treadmill

0–10 MPH QuickSpeed™ Control allows you to increase speed by the tenth of a mile as in 1.1 to 1.2, 1.3 ….. This is very beneficial for seniors or people who aren’t active enough and living a sedentary lifestyle. So, you don’t have to worry about jumping to 8-10Mph too quickly.

It has a red magnet key in the center attached to the console which can be connected to your dress to avoid fall at high speed in case of out of breath or bad foot movement. It doesn’t stop immediately with a jerk to avoid the whiplash, rather stops gradually so you can recover.

It’s always better to attach it to your clothes at waist line, so if your foot goes back close to the edge, it can remind you to move forward.


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Unpacking and installation of Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is pretty easy and straightforward. However, always read user manual carefully to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

It takes around 30 – 40 minutes from unpacking to your first test ride. If you have a problem lifting heavy things or adjusting, it might be a good idea to lend a hand from your family member, neighbor or friend for 10 minutes. (and to show off your own new treadmill as well.)

Because I think, some people may find it heavy (119 lbs.) and lining the platform deck and upper body to screw together can be a little trickier alone.

But after that, you just have to plug it in and burn off that extra fat and become Fit.

Things to remember with Treadmill:

• Always use a surge protector to plug in the treadmill to avoid unwanted damage. It doesn’t come as in accessory, so you will have to buy along with it if you don’t have already.

• In the box, you will find hex keys with the user manual which helps you adjust the belt when needed. These are very important, so don’t lose them!

• Better keep them in the same room, so you can get it whenever needed to avoid breaking the workout for too long. Adjusting the belt includes different actions as required such as: re-centering, tightening, loosening and fixing slipping of the belt.

• Carefully check the stability of the treadmill, there must not be any gap movement with the floor.

• It is always a good idea to turn off and unplug the treadmill when not in use.

• Buy a treadmill mat for it if you can, It prevents treadmill from skidding on floor tiles. It also reduces noise as well. One other benefit of treadmill mat is that it keeps carpet fibers and dust from sticking to treadbelt and motor chamber.

• Apply the treadmill lubricant as instructed in the manual. Neither less nor overdo it. without proper lubrication, treadbelt wears out pretty quick and the motor starts overheating. And overdoing the lubrication can make lube to move into motor chamber. This will attract more dust and fibers all over it.

• Always cover the treadmill when dusting or when not in use for a long time. 80% of treadmill starts overheating and soon wear out because of clogged treadbelt and motor parts with dust and fibers.

• If during the workout you feel an unusual movement of the belt, stop and check for belt alignment, tightness, and lubrication.  Lubricating track belt timely prolongs treadmill’s motor life significantly.

manual incline treadmill

Final Thoughts:

Surely, Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is an entry level treadmill but it is the best treadmill under $400 you can find which is great for walkers/ joggers and first-time buyers. Especially where space is a factor like a small apartment, studio, small home gym area in a corner.

It’s compact design and folding function allows you to place it almost anywhere you need. Due to a compact design, it has a narrow track of (16″ W x 50″ L) comparatively. So, unless you come in the tall category and have a long stride, you are good to go.

At current price, this is simply An Awesome Deal!! Buy Now on amazon!

However, if you are already fit, want to run at high speeds or train for a long time like marathon runners and have the budget for it, you should definitely go for 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill, the best top rated treadmill for running enthusiasts at about half the price of a commercial treadmill.

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