Bulk Amino Whey Protein Review

Bulk Amino Whey Protein by Advance Nutratech, a good quality Whey Protein Concentrate which is fairly affordable.

Currently, we don’t have many good Indian brands with decent quality whey protein products. You will see a lot of aggressive names, shiny design jars claiming the best whey protein. But barely any of them meets international standards of quality at all. Even many International brands fail at lab testing.

In my last review of Muscleblaze Unflavored Whey Protein, I talked about how in India, in the name of international brands products, people are getting scammed every now and then.

So, now after a good amount of use, I am glad to share with you another good quality Indian brand other than Muscleblaze which can be trusted with your money and fitness goals.

Bulk Amino Whey Protein Review


Yes, today we are reviewing Bulk Amino Whey Protein by Advance Nutratech, the unflavored version.

Let’s take a look inside…

Advance Nutratech Bulk Amino Whey Protein Concentrate 80%


Ingredients Profile

Rating Score: 8.0/10

According to its label, 1 serving of 30g will provide 24g Protein, 1.5g of Fat, 3g of Carbs.

In this BCAA (Leucine 8.18%, Isoleucine 4.85%, Valine 4.44%)  is 17.47% in total which means 4.2g per serving.

Bulk Amino Whey Protein - Ingredients profile


It also shows 60mg of Cholesterol which many brands don’t mention on the label. Not a big deal but it’s always good to know how much Cholesterol you are taking in your diet especially when you are also taking whole eggs.

So, there are 118 calories in 1 serving of 30g of this Bulk Amino Whey Protein.

There is also a lab report is available which shows Protein content around 78% which is acceptable.



Rating Score: 8.0/10

Bulk Amino Whey Protein (unflavored)  taste is completely tasteless which is good. No smell or bad taste whatsoever.

Having an unflavored tasteless protein shake gives you many choices to make your own flavor. It keeps drinking your post-workout shake a delight rather than gulping down same old boring flavor.

You can add whatever you like to enhance the taste or just drink unflavored same as milk.



Rating Score: 8.5/10

I have to say Bulk Amino Whey Protein mixes well. It doesn’t create much bubbling foam froth on top and mixes extremely well. No frustrating lumps either.

Bulk Amino Whey Protein Consistency


Also mixing with the right amount of water/milk & right temperature is the key. I mix my shake with lukewarm water/milk & it mixes in just 30 sec with a spoon easily.



Rating Score: 7.5/10

In simple words, it is good!

Whey protein’s work is to provide you fast acting protein to recover from intense workout asap. So, it does what it is meant to do.

I have used it around a month now and I didn’t feel any weakness or major soreness post-workout or the next day.

Now, if you are thinking, I will take whey protein and become huge or gain muscles….. you are wrong!

Whey protein is a supplement meant to work with a complete diet throughout the day, all seven days a week consistently. It won’t give you overnight muscles or fat loss.



Rating Score: 8/10

Why do we take Whey protein? …. To get fast-acting complete protein to recover after our intense workout, right?  That’s why the whey protein which digests well is a must.

And in this regard, Bulkamino whey protein digest well.  I didn’t face any major gas, stomach cramps like problems at all.

Now, I take this with Aristozyme Syrup to get my digestive enzymes because it does not come with added digestive enzymes like some other products.


Side Effects

I am very glad to say that fortunately, I didn’t face any major side effects like gas, cramps, bloating at all which is very common with Whey Proteins.

Neither I felt Itchy throat or tongue which I always noticed with some other brands.

Now, this is just my experience, but since everyone is different, you may or may not face such issues.

Here, I would also like to point out that issues such gas and bloating can also occur if you drink your shake with some natural sugar content such as fruits or actual sugar. This sugar content tends to create gas during digestion of the protein in our body which causes that bloating feeling as well.

Also, try to avoid blending your shake in a blender if you face gas issues. Blender’s fast rotation adds more air to your shake and makes it more bubble froth like. This can be easily avoided by mixing in a good quality shaker or just mixing with a spoon. It may take a little more time but at least you won’t have to face the gas issues.

You can also try to make your shake a little before or before the workout that way all the air/froth will be settled and gone when it’s time to drink it.

These are very simple easy tips to avoid those bad gas cramps and bloating.



Rating Score: 10/10

As we know Bulk Amino whey protein is an Indian product, you can be assured of authenticity. Just remember to buy from Advance Nutratech on Amazon or its official partners.

This comes in a good quality re-sealable zipper pouch which is only accessible after you cut Top from the cut area. So, it cannot be adulterated via Package opening like it can be done to Jars with cheap unsecured packaging.

Bulk Amino Whey Protein Authentication


Also it comes with Authentication Hologram Sticker which can be authenticated by QR scanner.  It also contains a scratch code on this well.

So, you can be assured of an authentic Advance Nutratech Bulk Amino Whey Protein package.


Value for Money

Rating Score : 8/10

When we buy Indian Whey Protein Brands, first thing comes to mind is, “Are we getting a quality product for the money we are paying”?

Well, in my opinion, yes we are getting a good product at the given price, for the Unflavored Version at least. How?

1. Advance Nutratech is showing a lab test report for the protein content.
2. Good Packaging and Re-sealing to ensure no leaks.
3. Authenticity is assured as long as you buy from Advance Nutratech itself on Amazon or its official partners.
4. It is fairly priced, comparatively.

So, I would say it’s a good Value for Money product and you can definitely go for it.



Rating Score : 8.0/10

So, as per my evaluation, Bulk Amino Whey Protein scored a good  8.0/10 which is a good Score in my opinion for the Bulk Amino Whey Protein Concentrate product in India.

If you want a good, affordable whey protein product with acceptable protein content, Bulk Amino Whey Protein is a good choice.

With this, you don’t have to worry about authenticity, adulteration & long delivery times issues like we face with international brands.

So that’s the Bulk Amino Whey Protein Review for you guys, I hope I answered most of the burning questions you may have before buying this product.


If you have any more questions let me know, I will try my best to answer…

Have you tried it? What’s your experience with it? Have any doubt or suggestion for improving taste?…Leave a comment below to discuss it with me.


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  • Rakesh madhup

    I would like to go for Bulk Amino whey isolate. have been using Myprotein whey isolate, which was too good. Can you advise if I should try Bulk Amino Whey Isolate? I have recently used their citrulline malate which is effective. I also liked their approach to get feedback from customers.